About Sybil's Clothing Range

After Sybil is all about great & original vintage clothes. So what does this mean? Simply its about my interpretation of what vintage fashion is and means to me. The word Vintage at the very least, always arouses curiosity. To those who are unsure the question asked inevitably is about looking for clarity and generally about whether the clothes are second-hand or used, but to those who know the definitions can still be wide and varied, fraught with passionate opinions usually involving dates and designer labels.

Vintage is fashion from the past but in After Sybil's this is far too vague and inadequate a definition, vintage is not just about age its about the essence and style of past era's in fashion. Vintage is a fashion term and to me in After Sybil it is about capturing that period in a piece that deserves to be resurrected, to live on, its immortal style. So you'll find that each and every piece is an authentic original item of clothing individually hand picked by me for you to enjoy and wear.

Antique - Vintage this is another category and usually refers to age and design reference. Clothes from anytime from the 1920's back are usually bought and sought after for their design value rather than to be worn, only because the textiles are fragile and deserve to be preserved and protected. After Sybil has a collection of Victorian / Edwardian dresses definitely worthy of viewing and appreciating in person.

Retro is another category and term often used and confused. Retro usually means clothes created to imitate clothes from the past. Today, retro clothing and shoes are being made to emulate the swinging sixties satisfying the appetite of the rockabilly crowds. Retro- vintage then means vintage clothing that evokes and has been styled on fashion from an even earlier time .As of yet After Sybil does not have any pieces that would fall into this category but if and when I will get something worthy it will probably be from the 1970's and be a Gunne Sax retro Victorian inspired dress.

Now onto detail, as referred to earlier, vintage clothes are old and most likely used but not always, some can still be old but new and never worn. Furthermore older pieces that have endured are generally those that were highly sought after pieces in their day and therefore most likely to have belonged to a woman that was wealthy, or of a class that had her own dressmaker, however each garment will have come from its own unique snippet of time and have its own equally unique social history but regardless will have been chosen for being indicative of its specific time in fashion history and its quality. After Sybil's vintage clothes will descend from a century of fashion and from within those years a variety of backgrounds. Some pieces will be home sewn, utility, high-end department store, boutique, in-house dressmaker, designer or haute couture but all will have in common the After Sybil standard and seal of approval and have been picked for their innate beauty and quality.

Condition Report

At After Sybil's you will find the standard of clothes for sale is excellent or at least very good. There will however be occasions when less-than-perfect is on the rails, this will be because its simply too nice to pass over but it will always be perfectly wearable. The price will always reflect this and indeed if chosen for sale its only flaw might be the need of a new zip so nothing to turn you off. The clothes are all Ready-To-Wear.

Vintage has survived for years, decades even and was probably worn at least a couple of times so its not new and is bound to show some wear and tear but I think you'll love it and that simply is the only question to ask yourself when you try it on and it fits because the price will be right.

Here is After Sybil's condition guide:

Never worn or used , with no visible flaws.

Barely used with no visible flaws.

Very Good:
Worn but still in good shape. May have small flaws or repairs which are explained. The repairs are not noticeable.

Worn, but in good shape. Has some flaws or repairs which are explained . On close inspection they are usually noticeable but don't really affect the appearance of the item when worn.

These items have noticeable flaws or repairs that are explained. As a rule I avoid this type of merchandise so most of these pieces have redeeming qualities, which are I usually explain or comment on